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11-15 April 2016
20-24 June 2016
3-7 October 2016
Application deadline: 4 March Application deadline: 6 May Application deadline: 3 September
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What is Maia?

Maia Workshops is an advanced training and coaching programme for emerging producers. We see the producer as central to the complex process of developing, producing, marketing and distributing an audiovisual work and we work together, with a hands-on participative and creative approach, to provide our participants with the fundamental skills they need to steer their projects through all these phases to their audience.

Under the guidance of some of the best industry experts from all around the world, Maia has a steady hold on the state of the art in the global audiovisual market. We are keen to explore new and innovative ways of making and marketing films with low budgets. We also look forward into transmedia storytelling and building crossmedia projects for different platforms as much as we insist on consolidating our knowledge of the crafts and the skills of classical film production.

Why Maia?

Maia, our namesake, is the Roman goddess of growth and development. We have chosen her name for our programme not only because it is simple and pleasant and easy to remember; we like to think that she may protect us and guide us in the name of the values she represents and that we may work together to make you grow and develop your projects and your network of contacts in the industry.

Maia also stimulates us to discover new worlds - being the mother of Hermes, she encourages us to dare beyond established conventional boundaries!

How does Maia work?

Maia is made up of three independent five-day residential workshops across a year. Each workshop offers a tight combination of lessons, case-studies and practical exercises, specific work on participants' projects and one-to-one meetings with tutors and trainers.

Participants can attend one, two or all three workshops. Participation in the 3-workshop package requires a project in development, whereas single workshops can be attended with or without a project.
Maia also offers masterclasses tailored to fit specific needs, graduates’ meetings and special occasions at the main industry events throughout Europe.

Who is Maia for?

The Maia workshops are targeted to emerging European fiction, documentary and cross-media producers as well as graduates, production managers and other industry professionals wishing to improve their production skills.
Each workshop is open to 20 European participants and the working language is English. Maia also accepts a limited number of participants from non-EU countries.

What does Maia cost?

Participation in each workshop costs 800€ inclusive of tuition, accommodation and meals. The complete 3-workshop package costs 2.000€ if applied for within the deadline of 17 January 2014. 
A limited number of partial scholarships is available for participants coming from countries where no local funding is available.


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